Scott Rokis & Howie Stern | Moab2017

Welcome to the Moab 240 2017 Images!

The most purchased option is the "bundle" for $130 ($90 for triple crown). While we understand $130 is a lot of money ... this often breaks down to <$10 per high resolution image. These photos have a forever shelf life. In 20 years, someone in your family will find them and recount the inspiration of your grit. When's the last time your running shoes still functioned well after 20 years? ... or even 20 months. Invest in those future moments and invest in those that had a hand in creating them with you. We know it is not cheap, but we do think it is worth at least as much as a new pair of shoes. Thank you so much (Scott & Howie)

FAQ - All Runners

How do I purchase? - The best way is to scroll through each location and in the upper left of the thumbnail photo is a heart ... add the photo to your favorites. Then, in the upper left of your screen, view all of your favorites. In the top right will be an option to "Buy All". Select this and choose which package option you'd prefer. 

What can't I order all the images of the other runner too? - While the system provides the freedom for you to choose any photo, we still restrict your order to photos of yourself/pacer. We have had people select all images of themselves and all of other runners ... I will not fill that order. If you want images of other runners you ran with, please reach out to that runner. 

Why is my order awaiting approval? - I personally review each order for multiple reasons. One is that runners don't always catch all of the images they're featured I'll go through and add those to your order. I shoot to fill orders within 48 hours, but sometimes (Oct 27-29) I don't have service. These are a priority, so I work them as soon as I can. 

Scenic Images - These images come at full resolution and are slightly higher priced than the individual race photo. They are a STEAL. The same image we sell to you for $40, I sold for $300.  ...and ask Harold, they look great framed in an office. Unfortunately, the system does not let me force the $40 price AND allow bundle packages.'s on your own honor. If you'd like one of the scenic images, at checkout select the "Digital Scenic" product. NOTE: there are packages setup that include and lower the price of the scenic images.

I can't find myself - I know...there's a few thousand images out there and despite our efforts to make it easier, it can still be difficult. If you are going to purchase the bundle, please email me and let me know you're having trouble. I look through these images enough, I'll be able to find all of you and share that set back to you.

FAQ - Triple Crown Runners

If you've purchased 0 images to date: Then purchase package "Triple Crown All" for all of your bundle images ($270). You don't even have to find them all to place the order. I'll take care of that task.

If you've purchased just Bigfoot Bundle: Then purchase package "Triple Crown Tahoe/Moab". ($180)

If you've purchased Bigfoot and Tahoe bundle: Then purchase the normal race bundle and use code "Triple" to apply the discount for the Moab images. 

...any questions, don't hesitate: or 309 278 3951

Thank you

Scott & Howie