Welcome to the Sedona Canyons & Elden Crest 2024 Images!
2024 Cocodona Race2024 Cocodona RaceA mile of 250, 125 and 38 mile trail runs through the Arizona backcountry.

Welcome and thank you for being a part of the inaugural Sedona Canyons 125 and Elden Crest 38 events! We're stoked to see you out on course this year and can't wait to see you toeing the line at the 250 soon ;) Ha! While it could be challenging covering two additional event with the same three photographers, we did are best to cover the entire fields of both the 125 and 38 mile races. Please scroll through the galleries listed here and consider making a purchase to support our work and keep us out on the trails! Also, if you don't see yourself in one of these galleries, please first check the 250 galleries. We tried to sort images as best as we could...but it's a lot of work over 14 days and we may have missed a few. Thank you all for the support!

2024 Sedona Canyons & Elden Crest Images

Thank you, Scott/Howie/Anastasia

*NOTE: I have taken down the print portion of the "All your bib photos" option as the site can handle the variable number of images in each print order. So, for anyone wanting this option, please choose the option without prints and I'll coordinate the print portion with you after the sale. -Scott

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  • "All your Bib Photos" Does that include my pacer? 
    • Yep! Any part of your crew, pacer in the images and they're yours. We just would like to protect against multiple runners teaming up and buying 2+ sets of images for the price of one. Remember...it's there because it's happened, unfortunately.
  •  A Podcast wants to use these images as a thumbnail. Can they?
    • Unfortunately, no. You are more than welcome to direct them to the link for the image and they can purchase a $30 version for their use. But, your purchase is for your personal use only. Please direct any other podcast, sponsor, etc my way for any additional questions. [email protected]
  • I shoot to fill orders within 48 hours, but sometimes I don't have service. These are a priority, so I work on them as soon as I can.