2024 Cocodona Images Are Ready!

Year 4! Woohoo! Congratulations on getting to the starting line. I'm sure it was a long journey from the moment you registered to the moment you sit in today. Your trusted, most 200-mile experienced photographers loved being back out on course with you! And, even more so, we're exciting to present to you the images we created on course this year. 

If you are new to our work, the biggest thing to convey is just how much we appreciate you taking on this adventure and how much we put into capturing these moments of you not just for now ... but as inspiration to the generations of the future. While we try our hardest to resoundingly cover everyone, we are also stretched across 100+ miles and three races on two course with 65 hours of finish line coverage time. Even with that setup, I bet you'll find images in the set that are still a surprise! 

If you've enjoyed our work, the best way to bring us back out is to support through image purchase and mention our work to Steve. I know the image review and selection process is a bit clumsy. But, this platform remains the best that is currently on the market for use at the time. I'm always searching for new options. While it might take an extra hour or two to find all of your images, we hope you appreciate seeing other's experiences on the same course. If you follow the instructions below, that's the most seamless process for selection and purchase.  

If you have any questions, please send me a note! [email protected]

2024 Cocodona 250 Images

Thank you, Scott/Howie/Anastasia

How do I purchase?

  1. Click on the link above
  2. Scroll through each gallery and click on the "heart" in the image when you see one you like. 
  3. When you have finished your selections -> in the upper left, click "my selections"
  4. Now, on the upper right-hand side of the page, select "Buy All"
  5. Select your package (Mix & Match 20 for example).
  6. From your favorites tab on that screen, add them to the main section of the page
  7. Checkout!


  • I already purchased Bib Photos, can that be included in the package cost?
    • Great! If you purchase any of the package options, I will refund you for the prior Bib Photos Purchase.
  • "All Photo of You & Crew" Does that include my pacer? 
    • Yep! Any part of your crew, pacer in the images and they're yours. We just would like to protect against multiple runners teaming up and buying 2+ sets of images for the price of one. Remember...it's there because it's happened, unfortunately.
  •  A Podcast wants to use these images as a thumbnail. Can they?
    • They are welcome to purchase a podcast license. You are more than welcome to direct them to the link for the image and they can purchase a $50 version for their use. But, your purchase is for your personal use only. Please direct any other podcast, sponsor, etc my way for any additional questions. [email protected]