Welcome to the Cocodona 250 2023 Images!

An Endurance Run from Black Canyon City through Crown King, Prescott, Jerome, Sedona and finishing in Flagstaff

Year 3! Woohoo! Congratulations on even getting to the starting line. That, in itself, is a big investment in many ways. Your trusted photographers hope you've spent the last week reclaiming your sleep and taking care of yourselves ... we're going to going sleep now ;) Our extended Cocodona 250 is now wrapped. Over 5,000 images have been uploaded for your perusal and hopefully support. We're thankful for your time and purchases as that keeps up coming out in the future to cover these events. We opt to not bib tag for two reasons: 1. The majority of images don't have a bib visible, and 2. I think there is some valuable in perusing the galleries and seeing others' moment out on course. We wish we could see every person in every spot, but we know that isn't possible. We do our best to cover the field with three people and we hope you're willing to support that effort. It's always good to remember, these photos have a forever shelf life. In 20 years, someone in your family will find them and recount the inspiration of your grit. When's the last time your running shoes still functioned well after 20 years? Invest in those future moments and invest in those that had a hand in creating them with you. We know the cost is not insignificant, but we do think it is well worth the memory! We greatly appreciate it. With a ~72% finish rate, we realize many will not be purchasing a full set, but every little bit counts. Thank you!

2023 Cocodona 250 Images

Thank you, Scott/Howie/Anastasia

*NOTE: I have taken down the print portion of the "All your bib photos" option as the site can handle the variable number of images in each print order. So, for anyone wanting this option, please choose the option without prints and I'll coordinate the print portion with you after the sale. -Scott

How do I purchase?

  1. Click on the link above
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  3. When you have finished your selections -> in the upper left, click "my selections"
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  • "All your Bib Photos" Does that include my pacer? 
    • Yep! Any part of your crew, pacer in the images and they're yours. We just would like to protect against multiple runners teaming up and buying 2+ sets of images for the price of one. Remember...it's there because it's happened, unfortunately.
  •  A Podcast wants to use these images as a thumbnail. Can they?
    • Unfortunately, no. You are more than welcome to direct them to the link for the image and they can purchase a $30 version for their use. But, your purchase is for your personal use only. Please direct any other podcast, sponsor, etc my way for any additional questions. [email protected]
  • I shoot to fill orders within 48 hours, but sometimes I don't have service. These are a priority, so I work on them as soon as I can.